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We do not master English very well, therefore here is some information  about our different kinds of honey.



hydomel21Honey mead has been made since the highest antiquity. It was the only alcoholic drink known by the Gauls before the introduction of the vineyard and wine by the Greeks in Provence. In the Apiary of Orton, honey mead is crafted by hand. We take some Honey of Provence which we dilute with some water. Having placed this mixture in a tub, we add natural yeasts which favor the fermentation of the must. When the fermentation is ended, we let it rest in the cellar some months. The honey mead clarifies naturally by settling ; the dregs remain in the tub. The mead is then decanted directly into bottles without adding colouring agents. It is thus a 100% natural product which you will appreciate at cocktail time, or accompanying your desert cakes.

Try something original : honey mead with black current syrup or peach syrup.

Best when chilled. Drink in moderation.










It’s home made in our shop with our own honey from provence and almonds from the valensole region.







Our candles are homemade with wax from our beehives